Kikizo was one of the original pioneers of serious online video content for gamers, providing unrivalled quality (60fps; high bitrate; epic features) before others even thought about video. We were taking direct feed from trade shows back when official mags could only scratch their head at the source – and other mags even covermounted our exclusive footage!

The first LEGO Harry Potter vignette
December 8, 2009: Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts... or he'll be MERCHANDISED.
New Brink gameplay footage is boss
December 4, 2009: Pushes our expectations right to the... well, you can probably guess.
5 game settings I wish Rockstar would steal
December 2, 2009: "He's got the whoooole world, in his hands..."
10 reasons to put a Wii on your Xmas list
November 27, 2009: They'll prise these nunchuks from our COLD DEAD FINGERS.
Left 4 Dead 2 Clutch ad
November 5, 2009: Pop those rotting tops to the happening chords of "Electric Worry".
BOOM – it’s the Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer
November 5, 2009: Shocking twist: contents abundant in explosions, gunfire.
Multi-Clip: goldfish, Rubix cubes, stress
November 4, 2009: Our choice of up-comers on Xbox Live Arcade, WiiWare and DSiWare.
American McGee teases second trip to Wonderland
November 2, 2009: "Alice, are you all right?"
Classic Minsc and Boo quotes
November 2, 2009: Every hamster has his day.
LEGO Rock Band launch trailer
November 2, 2009: LEGO of my childhood, Rock Band!
GTA IV vs creepy misogynistic anime
October 27, 2009: Japanese adult cartoon industry gets serious ribbing.
Sony Australia fires PS3 at Bravia TV
October 21, 2009: Easier than selling them, apparently.
New Chinatown Wars PSP trailer – ‘Out for Revenge’
October 20, 2009: Huang Lee as you've never seen him before unless you bought the DS version.
Starcraft 2: Battle Report #4
October 20, 2009: Tenacious Terrans vs Professional Protoss.
Uncharted 2 machinima mash-up
October 18, 2009: Three reasons Uncharted 2's video creation features are off the charts.
Charlie Brooker gets back into gaming
September 30, 2009: Go on, mate. Say "shit-eater" for us.
Final Fantasy XIII TGS trailer
September 28, 2009: Nearly eight whole minutes of melodrama and damage points.
MGS: Peace Walker stretches legs at TGS
September 24, 2009: New PSP trailer heavy on style and technical brawn, light on making sense.
New Last Guardian trailer and Ueda chat
September 24, 2009: OMG, basically.
ODST special: top 5 rough landings
September 23, 2009: Going in hot. We can see your house from here - and we're packing SPARTAN lasers...
Where’s Waldo? On the Wii, apparently
September 23, 2009: Pathological attention seeker gets videogame outing.
Sixaxis upgraded to breast-wobbling tool
September 17, 2009: We have seen the future, and it contains b008i3s.
DJ Hero puts Queen through the mixer
September 14, 2009: Features some punk who's apparently a bit daft.
Demon Souls throws down iron gauntlet
September 10, 2009: Come and have a go if you think you're 'ard enough.
The tragedy of Mario
September 9, 2009: "I can taste colours!"


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