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What can console makers learn from Apple?
June 1, 2011: Becoming a force in the gaming industry seemed to fall on Apple by accident...
E3 2011 Expectations: Part 2: Microsoft
June 1, 2011: With just one week to go, we take a look at what – and what not – to expect from the Redmond camp.
Why Ubisoft needs to tread softly when it comes to balance in the next Assassin’s Creed
June 1, 2011: Our man in….Rome.
Modern Warfare 3: Suppressing Fire
June 1, 2011: Shellshock from the Modern Warfare announcement has left me wanting to roll with DICE.
Man uses PS3 game to produce this awesome music video – but how?
May 20, 2011: Former games journo Chandra Nair explains how he used LBP2 to create a unique music video for his catchy pop song.
E3 2011 Expectations: Part 1: Nintendo
May 19, 2011: As we approach the year's biggest gaming event, we take a look at what - and what not - to expect from the major players.
FEATURE: Who are the best companions in FPS games?
May 18, 2011: What makes a great buddy on your first person shooting adventures? We take a scientific approach to find out.
Wii 2: HD doesn’t mean high-end
May 18, 2011: We need to eliminate the notion that HD graphics and Xbox 360-level processing power automatically equal an expensive premium device.
Wii 2, realistically speaking: 7 things to be pessimistic about Project Café
May 3, 2011: Would it be unjust to think that compromise is lurking just around the corner?
Wii 2: Five ways Nintendo can win back hardcore gamers
April 29, 2011: Will the Wii’s successor satisfy old-school Nintendo fans? One fan, VGD's Dylann Bobei, has some ideas about how it could.
Opinion: do rollicking good looks really matter any more?
February 7, 2011: Is the game up for champions of technological overload? As anticipation for Next Generation Portable hits fever-pitch, VGD questions the wisdom of pushing the graphical envelope.
Why PETA’s “beef” with Super Meat Boy deserves encouragement, not disdain
December 31, 2010: The infamous animal rights group throws down with Team Meat's Xbox Live hit. Gamers are up in arms, but is intolerance the best policy?
The hottest game mechanics of 2010
December 23, 2010: Our pick of this year's virtual nuts and bolts.
Killzone 3 – a beginner’s multiplayer survival guide
December 9, 2010: A crash course in Helghast warfare. Beware: hammy voice-acting ahead.
Freeloadable: the best serial killer game the Daily Mail missed
December 6, 2010: Come home with me.
The great GT5 debate: how many cars is too many cars?
December 1, 2010: This glass is one-fifth full! This glass is four-fifths empty!
Perfection at any price? Kazunori Yamauchi on learning to let go
November 30, 2010: The creator of Gran Turismo 5 talks early years, sleep deprivation and networked futures.
Why all Assassin’s Creed games are flawless, or, Ubisoft’s greatest conjuring trick
November 25, 2010: The terrifying secret: it's all a bit meta.
Black Ops quibble: is the Tomahawk overpowered?
November 15, 2010: A little rant from Ed.
Is Call of Duty’s single player irrelevant?
November 9, 2010: CoD games "aren't about" the campaign - so why are campaigns included? VGD plays devil's advocate with Treyarch's Black Ops.
Seven augments you should but won’t get in Deus Ex: Human Revolution
November 1, 2010: Thoughts from a recent hands-off demo of the Xbox 360, PC and PS3-bound Deus Ex prequel.
Behind the music of Medal of Honor – free sample tracks inside
October 27, 2010: Listen to choice titbits from the blistering new shooter's score while composer Ramin Djawadi talks us through the creative process.
Is Enslaved a slave to “movie game” convention?
September 28, 2010: Ninja Theory's game has artistry and imagination in spades, but how much is mere window dressing?
Five reasons HAWX 2 is totally, infinitely better than Halo: Reach
September 14, 2010: You're not a sucker, are you?
Is DICE’s ‘something great’ Mirror’s Edge 2? And is it the sequel we want it to be?
August 17, 2010: EA's premiere shooter developer has something cooking. What could it be?


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