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Think Limbo’s too short? You’re missing the point entirely
August 13, 2010: Edwin addresses the most common criticism of Limbo's morbid masterpiece. Warning: contains major spoilers.
Street Fighter X Tekken: Who asked for it?
August 10, 2010: Capcom just can't seem to stop starting fights with other companies. Their latest exercise in pint-spilling is unexpected to say the least. Did you ask for this?
3D Gaming: Developers give the verdict
August 5, 2010: Video Games Daily discusses the pros and cons of 3D gaming with the developers of 3D racers and first person shooters.
Kinect: The “secret” formula for awesome controller-free games
July 30, 2010: Kinect gaming needn't be the stuff of nightmares. After some serious 'hands off' time with Microsoft's costly peripheral, VGD jots down a few development tips.
The next-best thing about 3DS? Turning the 3D off
July 28, 2010: Edwin goes hands-on with Nintendo's handsome new console, finding much to praise and a little (just a little) to criticise.
Opinion: what can Dragon Quest teach Final Fantasy?
July 22, 2010: A Tale of Two JRPGs. Why Final Fantasy needs to learn to laugh at itself.
Why PSP can still compete with 3DS
June 24, 2010: Nintendo's new baby is making quite the splash, but don't count out Sony's grizzled veteran just yet.
PlayStation Move: ‘platform’ or peripheral?
June 22, 2010: Opinion: Move is being marketed as a whole new start for the PlayStation experience, but how much of that is wishful thinking?
E3 2010 – all our coverage in one place
June 19, 2010: How we spent the biggest week in the gaming calendar.
The price of innovation – Move, Kinect, 3DS
June 18, 2010: Our thoughts on the price-points - real and rumoured - of the next three major innovations in console gaming.
Sony’s E3: making a Move on the third parties
June 16, 2010: Twisted Metal and Killzone 3 might be the toast of the PlayStation community at present, but Sony's presser was as much about partnerships as it was home-grown games.
Nintendo’s E3: welcome back, guys, we’ve missed you
June 15, 2010: Miyamoto and co take time away from casual gaming to deliver the E3 presentation their fans have been dreaming of.
Microsoft’s E3: slow and steady wins the race?
June 15, 2010: Microsoft's press conference might have lacked surprises, but the quality and integrity were there.
Opinion: Kinect reveal was for ‘everyone’, just not for you
June 14, 2010: Microsoft's first E3 2010 airing of the newly renamed motion technology left much to be desired.
Exclusive: first look at digital game trade-ins
May 7, 2010: Behind the scenes with Green Man Gaming, the service that could change the way gamers purchase their games.
Super Street Fighter IV: Community Service
April 29, 2010: Producer. Community Leader. European champion. We hear from three important voices on what Super Street Fighter IV means for fighting games.
Emotional gaming: a contradiction in terms?
April 6, 2010: Games are capable of yanking the heart strings, but can they truly match the achievements of film and literature? Also: what Pokemon and Heavy Rain have in common.
Exclusivity doesn’t exist, but it’s still ruining gaming
March 16, 2010: Thinking inside the hardware box is neither fun, realistic nor productive, so why do we do it?
No more hero-worship? Goichi Suda Interview
March 10, 2010: If his games were any more 8-bit you'd have to blow on the disc before putting it into the Wii. We talk pixels and punks with Suda51.
Sony sequels we’d prefer to SOCOM 4
March 5, 2010: Edwin reacts badly to the announcement of yet another sandy-gritty shooty-bang-bang squad-prodder. SOCOM? More like SUCK-OM. (Don't worry, it gets better.)
Why do you like White Knight Chronicles?
February 7, 2010: And why do you think it's getting panned? An open letter to the role-playing gamer community.
Why it could have been great: White Knight Chronicles
February 5, 2010: Level 5's epic but underwhelming PS3 role-playing game could have rocked our worlds. Edwin investigates the game's undelivered promise.
The science of sucking: game design crimes
January 22, 2010: A traipse through some of the industry's less exalted moments with commentary from leading developers and journalists.
The DS2 – what can we expect?
January 15, 2010: If analysts are to be believed, the successor to Nintendo's wildly popular handheld is just round the corner. Here's our predicted feature list.
Project Natal: what’s the worst that can happen?
January 14, 2010: Flash-forward to the grim, unholy darkness of a post-Natal world. Possibly.


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