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Halo 3: the best of Forge
October 2, 2009: Manny dips into the cream of Halo 3's user creations.
The History of First-Person Shooters: Part 1
September 29, 2009: The origins of the genre. Maze War, Castle Wolfenstein and (of course) Doom.
ODST special: top 5 rough landings
September 23, 2009: Going in hot. We can see your house from here - and we're packing SPARTAN lasers...
The Edit Suite: Worst FPS levels
September 16, 2009: Manny Brown confesses his fondness for shiny sphincters.
Screen blitz: Bethesda’s Brink
September 15, 2009: Splash Damage coughs up pics of barbed wire, robots, tattoos.


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