Gaijin Gamer’s most wanted Japanese PlayStation Classics

On J-PSN please, ’cause discs are minging.

By J.D., December 10, 2009

Kero Kero King: French golf?

Kero Kero King: French golf?

1. Kero Kero King

Kero Kero King was the Japan-only PlayStation original of a game that you could buy in the UK, in sequel form, as Ribbit King on the GameCube/PS2. The concept? You have to get frogs into holes; it’s amphibian golf with a simple three-tap system and a selection of hammers that you can use to strike a pump that fires a cannon that propels your frog through the air. Brilliant.

Power Shovel ni Norou!

Power Shovel ni Norou!

2. Power Shovel ni Norou!

This is one of Taito’s great unknown games, a JCB simulator of such balance and delicate grace that it makes all of those other JCB sims look rusty and knackered. That, combined with scarcity of the PS version on disc, explains why copies go for around 5,000 yen on Yahoo! Auctions. Of course if this did turn up on PSN it would be missing the excellent game-specific controller that Taito originally manufactured for use with Power Shovel ni Norou!, but for 600 yen who would really be complaining?

Tondemo Crisis!

Tondemo Crisis!

3. Tondemo Crisis!

Aka Incredible Crisis, this is Japanese family life right down to the sensual massages with coworkers while riding a Ferris wheel. Yeah, it’s that accurate. Add a soundtrack from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and you’ve got one of the most upbeat, unhinged games of its generation.

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