The foreigner’s guide to gaming culture in Japan!

Japanese keitai phenomenon Itotooshi now available on iPhone
December 22, 2009: 10 million downloads and counting!
Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) released on iPhone in Japan!
December 22, 2009: No objections, right?
Biggest Christmas bonuses in Japan once again paid out by Nintendo
December 18, 2009: NCL more generous to its employees than Japan Railways, Asahi Beer and Toyota...
Yahoo! Auctions watch: ridiculous Final Fantasy XIII cosplay edition
December 18, 2009: How much would you pay for a pink wig?
XIIImas Eve: Square Enix blitzes Japanese TV with FF ads
December 16, 2009: One day to go.
Hot new Japanese release: Zaxxon (Virtual Console Arcade)
December 15, 2009: Something to keep you entertained until FFXIII.
Final Fantasy XIII Elixir spills into Japan’s conbinis
December 10, 2009: *Drink not guaranteed to Restore faith in series.
Gaijin Gamer’s most wanted Japanese PlayStation Classics
December 10, 2009: On J-PSN please, 'cause discs are minging.
PlayStation Awards 2009: big win for Mohan as SEGA’s Nagoshi leaves audience temporarily blind
December 8, 2009: Dark glasses essential.
Professor Layton’s cinema debut approaches
December 8, 2009: Get down to yer local Toho Cinemas on December 19th, fellow gaijin!
Nintendo re-manufactures, re-releases the original Game & Watch machine
November 19, 2009: ...And gives it away for "free" to its Club Nintendo friends...
It’s the hardwired Pikachu choir from hell!
November 17, 2009: This man has a wife and kids.
Yahoo! Auctions watch: game music and copying device edition
November 16, 2009: It's hammer time!
Four more PlayStation classics arrive in PSN-J’s Game Archives
November 11, 2009: And by "classic" we mean Neko-Zamurai!
The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 3: USK
November 10, 2009: "Just a Gameboy musician in Fukuoka, Japan."
New invention informs Japanese parents of the time their children spend gaming
November 10, 2009: Introducing the "Kids Timer" - new worst enemy of Japan's young gamers!
SEGA Japan choreographs horrific Puyo Puyo 7 dance routine!
November 9, 2009: Disturbing on so many levels...
The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 2: YMCK
November 9, 2009: Shibuya-kei reborn through the cassette slot of a Famicom...
Yahoo! Auctions watch: rare book/magazine edition
November 6, 2009: Out of print but still in demand.
The very best of Japanese chiptune, pt. 1: XINON
November 5, 2009: Mr. 8-bit Awesomeness!
Do certain games really make the Japanese feel nauseous?
November 5, 2009: Anecdotal evidence suggests a 50:50 split, as well as some funny anomalies...
Get a Porter case for your PSP Go
November 4, 2009: You won't regret it. People will be impressed.
Mainichi Issyo subscription SCANDAL
November 2, 2009: Sony's beloved PS3 service Mainichi Issyo goes subscription-based - pay 800 yen a month, or lose the right to have your PS3 news presented to you by cats...
3D Dot Game Heroes appealing to Japan’s “lost” Famicom generation
November 2, 2009: Something old, something new...
Introducing… the Osaka Game Show 2009!
October 30, 2009: Well, kind of.


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