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Dead Rising films to get console exclusivity on Xbox Live
July 15, 2010: Microsoft's money-hat cannon works its magic once again.
Ubisoft: play co-op if you want the ‘real’ Future Soldier experience
July 13, 2010: New Ghost Recon sets sights on 'the experience or feeling of being a Spec Ops, with a team of friends.'
Assassin’s Creed franchise is ‘not going to be one a year’
July 8, 2010: Brotherhood developer: 'there's definitely going to be a gap between this opus of Assassin's Creed and the next.'
Ubisoft: Assassin’s Creed co-op is ‘super-interesting’, but doesn’t make sense
July 8, 2010: The idea could work from a 'pure mechanical angle', but would be hard to reconcile with the narrative.
Black Ops ‘Slaughterhouse’ level was originally for multiplayer
May 29, 2010: As was the crossbow. Treyarch's Mark Lamia talks up 'aggressive' approach to new Call of Duty online.
Treyarch: 60 FPS is a ‘critical component’ of Call of Duty experience
May 28, 2010: Studio head: sky-high frame rate is the reason Call of Duty 'feels so good in your hand'.
SFIV producer ‘desperate’ to make Darkstalkers sequel – and you can help
April 24, 2010: Yoshinori Ono wants you to tell Capcom that you want Darkstalkers. After SFIV, you owe him that much.
Conviction to get Spies vs Mercs after all?
April 12, 2010: Game Director reveals that while bringing the legendary multiplayer mode back would be difficult, it's still a post-launch possibility.
Ubisoft – Forgotten Sands isn’t “ground-breaking”
March 25, 2010: Prince of Persia 2008 was "a really good experiment", but latest game will go "back to the normal way of doing things".
Japanese devs struggle with “real-feeling RPGs” – InXile
March 15, 2010: "Cultural nuances" to blame.
Watch us play Red Steel 2! (plus other, more important people)
March 12, 2010: Would.
Splinter Cell Conviction to last “30-35 hours” altogether
March 12, 2010: "Systemic" AI allows for easy mode creation.
Conviction dev “hungry” for Splinter Cell movie
March 2, 2010: The 'biggest question' is who would play Sam Fisher.
Red Steel 2 “could work fantastically” on Sony wand – Ubisoft Paris
February 22, 2010: But wouldn't be a "natural fit" for Project Natal at present.
“Big and simple” Halo Wars learned from C&C3 – EA
February 18, 2010: EA producer feels Ensemble Studios worked well within the limitations of console play.
EA Producer: C&C4 is more like an FPS
February 17, 2010: But "not a casual game by any stretch of the imagination".
Climax: Wii owners more receptive to “bold” ideas
February 11, 2010: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories "wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the Wii".
Difficulty for the sake of it is “insanity” – Capcom UK
February 5, 2010: "It's more about things in the right place."
Monster Hunter is a “platform”, not a game – Capcom UK
February 1, 2010: PSP's success is "more about Monster Hunter players than it is PSP players".
Spock lends voice to Star Trek Online
January 5, 2010: Who's this Leonard Nimoy fellah then?
Half-Life 2 up and running on Project Natal?
January 4, 2010: Leaked footage suggests as much.
Mass Effect 2: Gamestop ad shows off badass gun
December 10, 2009: This is my BOOMSTICK. For preorders only.
New IP can take “years of iteration” to get right – Singularity producer
December 8, 2009: Don't count your chickens before they've been blown to bits with plasma grenades.
Mass Effect 2 producer: devs “pamper” gamers
December 4, 2009: Bioware's second sci-fi shooter will have "serious", "delicious" consequences, like in Demon's Souls.
The secret to Mass Effect 2′s textures? Beer
December 3, 2009: Game producer to get lead cinematic animator wasted if technical issues are overcome.


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