The foreigner’s guide to gaming culture in Japan!

Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II bound for iPhone!
January 21, 2010: Old games Touched up...
New PSN/XBLA After Burner Climax details!
January 21, 2010: Can we have Planet Harriers next, please?
Taiko no Tatsujin due on iPhone at beginning of February!
January 19, 2010: Japan-only to begin with...
J-pop songstress Hitomi Toi contributing to Monkey Ball Athletic soundtrack
January 18, 2010: 一十三十一
Gaijin Gamer’s instant guide to… Japanese TV shows worth recording via PS3 Torne
January 15, 2010: There are at least two...
Mega-rare shmup Kyuin arrives on Japanese PlayStation Store!
January 14, 2010: Another mega-bargain in the Game Archives!
Gran Turismo 5′s Japan release postponed beyond March 2010
January 13, 2010: Now listed as "TBC" again. D'oh!
PS3/360 No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise TV ad hits Japan’s screens
January 13, 2010: Marvelous!
Pac-Man Chinese-style steamed buns now on sale in conbinis Japan-wide!
January 13, 2010: Pac-Man's so sweet.
Yahoo! Auctions watch: inexplicably expensive games edition
January 12, 2010: HOW much?!
Dragon Quest IX to get low-price re-release this March!
January 12, 2010: If you haven't already got a copy, now there's no excuse.
Idolm@ster CD sales break the one million mark
January 11, 2010: Japan loves its guilty pleasures!
New DS Bokujou Monogatari ad builds on Japan’s kawaii agriculture phenomenon
January 11, 2010: Farming is so IN!
Taito’s DS Minna no Suizokukan: full of (sea)life!
January 8, 2010: Call it Everybody's Aquarium.
Tokyo Metropolitan Brass Quintet to perform Dragon Quest IX concert in Tokyo
January 7, 2010: DQ pilgrims need to arrive in the capital by March 1st...
Cash-in jackpot: it’s the Japan-only Michael Jackson PS3!
January 6, 2010: Nothing cynical here. Move along.
Japanese band GreeeeN to pioneer ‘interactive live events’ in new DS title
January 5, 2010: Welcome to the future of J-pop!
Sonic Bowling spins onto Japanese phones
January 5, 2010: One Hedgehog. Ten pins.
Gaijin Gamer’s instant guide to Japanese game companies’ YouTube channels
January 4, 2010: The official lines.
Kenka Bancho 4 gets in-game dumpling crossover action!
January 4, 2010: Gyou-----za-----!!
Takahashi Meijin to make long-awaited comeback as vocalist on new CD album
December 29, 2009: Remixed and Auto-Tuned to hell...
Hot new Japanese (re-)release: The Conbini 200X (Xbox 360)
December 29, 2009: Two pints of Yebisu and a packet of Pocky.
Annual all-night Famicom festival returns to Tokyo in January 2010!
December 23, 2009: Chiptune till the break of dawn!
SEGA’s giant comedy Tetris coin-op drops into Japan’s arcades
December 23, 2009: デッカい!
Hot new Japanese release: Neo-Geo Online Collection Complete Box (PS2)
December 23, 2009: Two volumes, 36 games, 20,000 yen.


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