The foreigner’s guide to gaming culture in Japan!

New round of Japanese PlayStation classics hits PSN-J
June 28, 2010: Cheap old games as a post-World Cup pick-me-up? Not necessary if you're a Japan fan!
Weekly Japanese game sales chart (24/5-30/5) – ANALYSED!
June 9, 2010: And now for the Top Ten in detail...
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force on Xbox 360 – first trailer stomps into view!
June 4, 2010: "The Fourth Is The Force" (and SEGA Japan PR's got a lisp)...
Final Fantasy IX now available for download from Japanese PlayStation Store
May 20, 2010: This was one of the better ones, right?
Two more PC-Engine gems encrusted in PSN-J’s Game Archives
May 19, 2010: A fine brace of shmups!
Yahoo! Auctions watch: bulk buy edition
May 18, 2010: Stacks of games for stacks of yen?
Cave shmup comes to life with resin cast replica ships
May 18, 2010: Ketsui!
Eight new PS classics for PSN-J’s Game Archives
May 18, 2010: Including DonPachi!
Guess SEGA of Japan’s “next 360 action” title and win a prize!*
May 17, 2010: *Prize: the right to feel smug. For 30 minutes.
Prope releases Ivy The Kiwi? storybook
May 17, 2010: Yuji Naka loves cute stuff!
New range of funky Mario T-shirts now on sale at Japan’s Right-on stores
May 17, 2010: One step up from UNIQLO...
Super Mario Galaxy 2 commercials air on Japanese TV
May 12, 2010: Starring a couple of members of boy-band-of-the-moment Arashi...
iPad in Japan: the retail details
May 11, 2010: It plays games, you know...
Hudson releases rapid-fire measurement DSiWare
April 28, 2010: Challenge Takahashi!
Legendary Famicom title Ikki making comeback on PS3 this summer
April 26, 2010: First screenshots show 21st century/8-bit clash
Yahoo! Auctions watch: MEGA RARE edition!
April 26, 2010: Japan doesn't know the meaning of "recession"!
SquEnix brings N64 classic Wonder Project J2 to iMode phones
April 13, 2010: Anime-zing!
King Of Fighters mid-Nineties compilation PSP-bound
April 7, 2010: Ah, the Nineties...
Senko no Ronde DUO on the way
April 6, 2010: Check out the brand new "Commander Style" of play!
Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack -PLUS- due May 26th
April 6, 2010: "Original" + "-PLUS-" = Leona Lewis bonus tracks?
New CD compilation to commemorate 15th anniversary of SEGA’s 32X
March 19, 2010: The sounds of "state-of-the-art 32-bit technology"!
Nintendo of Japan’s Mario Club now hiring game testers!
March 10, 2010: Mmm... minimum wage!
Thunderforce V among new (old) delights on Japan’s PlayStation Store
March 10, 2010: It's all happening down in the Archives...
Your brand new 3D telly for the next decade of Japanese gaming!
February 12, 2010: (Maybe.)
Mario Kart Wii comes to life as Choro Q Hybrid!
February 1, 2010: ...with actual power-up items!


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