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Yahoo! Auctions watch
October 30, 2009: Let the bargain hunting begin!
October 29, 2009: We love her, obviously.
Arcade Adventures: Music GunGun!
October 29, 2009: We hit the game centres to see what's out there beyond forty million Tekken and Street Fighter cabinets, gambling and walls of Answer X Answer quiz machines populated by smoking middle-aged men.
Game Center CX returns to our screens!
October 29, 2009: Season 12 of the awesome Shinwa Arino-presented "Game Center CX" programme kicked off on October 13th - tune your TV to Fuji Terebi TWO now!
5 essential PlayStation games to download from J-PSN
October 29, 2009: If you nip along to your local conbini and buy a 3,000 yen PSN ticket, what will you spend your credit on? Stuck for ideas? Here are five absolutely sublime 32-bit PlayStation games available in the Game Archives area of the Japanese PS Store for just 600 yen each...
Nanikore? – Boku No Natsuyasumi 3
October 26, 2009: Welcome to Nanikore? – an occasional series where I pick something random that I don't understand off the shelves and hope that it turns out to be good, funny, or both. This time...
How to find the Nintendo Building!
October 23, 2009: Every Gaijin in Kyoto's top pilgrimage is to the proud white HQ of Nintendo Co. Ltd. Here's how you get there...
Gaijin Gamer’s instant guide to… the conbini!
October 23, 2009: You're at the conbini. That's convenience store, to the common gaijin. You like games. WHAT DO YOU DO?
Snazzy terebi gemu fashion at UNIQLO
October 22, 2009: Official game t-shirts at daft prices! Bring it on, UNIQLO! (Article not sponsored by UNIQLO.)
Cave 360 ports to be region-free
October 9, 2009: Cave: Bringing hundreds of thousands of purple bullets to a country near you.


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