Kikizo was one of the original pioneers of serious online video content for gamers, providing unrivalled quality (60fps; high bitrate; epic features) before others even thought about video. We were taking direct feed from trade shows back when official mags could only scratch their head at the source – and other mags even covermounted our exclusive footage!

Man makes PSN disaster song in theme of Portal’s “Still Alive”
April 28, 2011: And it's not as awful as you'd think...
VIDEO: UK media speaks out on Nintendo 3DS
January 23, 2011: Hacks including one of our own say if it's good or not.
LA Noire in-engine trailer hits – watch now
November 11, 2010: "It's the case that makes you. It's the case that breaks you."
Lost Planet 2 treat-splosion: confetti shotguns, Wesker/West, transforming tanks
April 30, 2010: Heavy on content, light on selectiveness?
Reach for the skies! It’s Red Dead Redemption multiplayer
April 23, 2010: Looks like we're gonna have us a teabaggin', paw.
Original Xbox Live refuses to die
April 15, 2010: 'The Xboxalypse is now. Or now. Sorry, I meant NOW. NOWNOWNOW. OK, somebody get the fireaxe.'
APB vid doc: seven minutes of trashtalk, paintjobs and headshots
March 26, 2010: Realtime Worlds staff get their teeth into the features. Non-violent problem-solving: notable by absence.
Watch us play Red Steel 2! (plus other, more important people)
March 12, 2010: Would.
Alan Wake meets the Harvester of Sorrow
March 9, 2010: You reap what you sow.
SOCOM 4 debut trailer
March 5, 2010: SOCOM and get it.
Chuckles aplenty in White Knight Chronicles co-op trailer
February 15, 2010: "Crystal Camera moment!"
Alan Wake X10 trailer
February 12, 2010: Wakey wakey, it's almost release day.
First Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer
February 9, 2010: The Ghosts are back, and they've got new threads.
First Fallout: New Vegas trailer
February 4, 2010: War never changes. Nor do taglines.
New Brink character pimping vid proves Bethesda hates us
January 18, 2010: Also shows off tats, car-tyre armor, face paint, binbags.
Utterly stunning Bayonetta launch trailer
January 8, 2010: Warning, may cause trouser explosions.
Bad Company 2 Panama Canal footage
January 8, 2010: Multiple tank-deaths and suspiciously few respawns.
Mass Effect 2 trailer showcases Assault class
January 8, 2010: Running and gunning, mostly, plus the odd dose of biotic abracadabra.
New Heavy Rain clip mixes old and new material
January 7, 2010: It's mainly on the plain.
Army of Two: The 40th Day multiplayer blowout
January 6, 2010: Form into pairs and follow our lead.
Spock lends voice to Star Trek Online
January 5, 2010: Who's this Leonard Nimoy fellah then?
Half-Life 2 up and running on Project Natal?
January 4, 2010: Leaked footage suggests as much.
Expert play: Modern Warfare 2 Search & Destroy
January 4, 2010: Complete with buddy-bonding commentary.
First in-engine Halo Reach footage
December 13, 2009: "You picked a hell of a day to join up."
Burn calories with No More Heroes 2
December 9, 2009: The Desperate Struggle to lose weight.


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