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Is Binary Domain just a regular sci-fi third person shooter?
June 15, 2011: Our impressions from the E3 build.
The FIFA 12 revolution?
June 13, 2011: Our man in Zurich: If you didn’t already know, money makes the football world go round...
Peter Molyneux finally reveals the real Milo and Kate – Dimitri?
June 7, 2011: Kinect was an E3 Microsoft highlight for the third year running – this time, thanks to software we might actually care about, including a new title from Lionhead.
Ninja Gaiden 3 is set in London
June 1, 2011: ...and probably other places too. But definitely London.
What can console makers learn from Apple?
June 1, 2011: Becoming a force in the gaming industry seemed to fall on Apple by accident...
Modern Warfare 3: Suppressing Fire
June 1, 2011: Shellshock from the Modern Warfare announcement has left me wanting to roll with DICE.
FEATURE: Who are the best companions in FPS games?
May 18, 2011: What makes a great buddy on your first person shooting adventures? We take a scientific approach to find out.
Wii 2: HD doesn’t mean high-end
May 18, 2011: We need to eliminate the notion that HD graphics and Xbox 360-level processing power automatically equal an expensive premium device.
Dead or Alive Dimensions review – is this Nintendo 3DS’ new fighting champ?
May 9, 2011: The first entry in the DoA series since Itagaki's departure, how does Team Ninja's greatest hits package stack up?
Wii 2, realistically speaking: 7 things to be pessimistic about Project Café
May 3, 2011: Would it be unjust to think that compromise is lurking just around the corner?
Wii 2: Five ways Nintendo can win back hardcore gamers
April 29, 2011: Will the Wii’s successor satisfy old-school Nintendo fans? One fan, VGD's Dylann Bobei, has some ideas about how it could.
Review: Is Portal 2 the best sequel of 2011?
April 19, 2011: Adam awakens from hypersleep to discover what makes Portal 2 special... and manages to write something about it.
What’s so great about working for Video Games Daily? Find out here – we’re hiring!
March 22, 2011: Former staff reveal how Kikizo didn't destroy their lives!
Do we still care about motorbike games? MotoGP 10/11 reviewed
March 21, 2011: Now in its third year, we discover why Moto GP is strongerthan ever.
Call of Juarez: The Cartel – can the Wild Western outlive the Wild West?
March 5, 2011: Ubisoft retrieves its cowboy hat from the attic. Preview with thoughts from Senior Producer Samuel Jacques.
Splash Damage’s Brink – the shooter of tomorrow?
February 28, 2011: Is the Enemy Territory developer on the brink of greatness? VGD investigates.
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge – dungeon crawling for the Uncharted generation
February 28, 2011: The cleavage ain't the only thing that's deep. Hands on with InXile Entertainment's mix of Gears and Diablo.
Kid Icarus: Uprising – so spectacular it’s agonising
February 14, 2011: A sight for sore eyes in more ways than one. Hands-on with Nintendo's high-powered 3DS remake.
Virtua Tennis 4 Preview
February 11, 2011: Following Virtua Tennis 2009, Sega neatly avoids a double fault by handing the racquet back to AM3. We catch up with producer Mei Kumagai.
BioWare on Dragon Age II – “we’ve hit a bit of a sweet spot”
February 9, 2011: BioWare's Fernando Melo talks us through the action-strategy balancing act, rogue identity crises, sarcastic death yells, self-conscious narrators and (of course) saving the world.
Dragon Age II – Xbox 360 hands-on
February 8, 2011: The sequel to BioWare's best-selling RPG ever goes under our microscope. Dragon punch, or a bit of a drag?
Valve talks Portal 2 – “more complexity, but not necessarily difficulty”
February 8, 2011: Valve's Chet Faliszek talks us through PS3/Xbox 360 differences, the mechanics of co-op, building on Portal's award-winning narrative and "poking fun" at Half-Life.
Opinion: do rollicking good looks really matter any more?
February 7, 2011: Is the game up for champions of technological overload? As anticipation for Next Generation Portable hits fever-pitch, VGD questions the wisdom of pushing the graphical envelope.
Portal 2 hands-on – a robot hug is worth a thousand words
February 4, 2011: We get to grips with the sequel to Valve's quirky first-person puzzler. PS3 version tested.
Dead Space 2 review – real terror? Not really
January 25, 2011: We return to the void in EA's meaty, suspenseful sequel. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions tested.


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