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Is Binary Domain just a regular sci-fi third person shooter?
June 15, 2011: Our impressions from the E3 build.
Two conclusions about Star Wars: The Old Republic
May 19, 2011: After quite a bit of hands on time with The Old Republic I’ve come to two conclusions.
E3 2011 Expectations: Part 1: Nintendo
May 19, 2011: As we approach the year's biggest gaming event, we take a look at what - and what not - to expect from the major players.
Call of Juarez: The Cartel – can the Wild Western outlive the Wild West?
March 5, 2011: Ubisoft retrieves its cowboy hat from the attic. Preview with thoughts from Senior Producer Samuel Jacques.
Splash Damage’s Brink – the shooter of tomorrow?
February 28, 2011: Is the Enemy Territory developer on the brink of greatness? VGD investigates.
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge – dungeon crawling for the Uncharted generation
February 28, 2011: The cleavage ain't the only thing that's deep. Hands on with InXile Entertainment's mix of Gears and Diablo.
Kid Icarus: Uprising – so spectacular it’s agonising
February 14, 2011: A sight for sore eyes in more ways than one. Hands-on with Nintendo's high-powered 3DS remake.
Virtua Tennis 4 Preview
February 11, 2011: Following Virtua Tennis 2009, Sega neatly avoids a double fault by handing the racquet back to AM3. We catch up with producer Mei Kumagai.
3DS hands-on: Steel Diver gives us a sinking feeling – and we like it
February 10, 2011: Down where it's wetter *is* where it's better, apparently. Our thoughts on Nintendo's startlingly gripping aquatic adventure.
Dragon Age II – Xbox 360 hands-on
February 8, 2011: The sequel to BioWare's best-selling RPG ever goes under our microscope. Dragon punch, or a bit of a drag?
Portal 2 hands-on – a robot hug is worth a thousand words
February 4, 2011: We get to grips with the sequel to Valve's quirky first-person puzzler. PS3 version tested.
Hothead Games talks Swarm, sadism and what people want from downloadable software
January 28, 2011: We speak to Joel DeYoung, director of technology at Hothead Games, about the Deathspank studio's upcoming action-platformer.
3DS hands-on: is Super Street Fighter IV the best handheld fighter to date?
January 22, 2011: Still super in 3D? Find out in our hands-on from Nintendo's European showcase.
Killzone 3 campaign preview – big, loud, predictable
December 16, 2010: Size matters... but interesting gunplay matters more. VGD goes hands-on with a Killzone 3 campaign build.
Fight Night Champion – forget the M-rating, has the fighting engine evolved?
November 24, 2010: Edwin gets slapped around by EA's bloodied boxer.
Bulletstorm – the next Unreal, or a storm in a teacup?
November 17, 2010: Hands-on with the single-player portion of People Can Fly's gloriously hammy shooter.
Is Dead Space 2 online a Left 4 Dead beater?
November 8, 2010: We go hands-on with Visceral's sci-fi survival shooter. Should Valve be shaking in its boots?
Killzone 3 multiplayer hands-on – great stuff, but get rid of the mechs
November 3, 2010: It's like the Helghast never left. Edwin reports on his time with the Killzone 3 beta.
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood single player preview
October 19, 2010: Sexy times, kicks to the balls, workforce management - all things we've encountered in the first three hours of Ubisoft's latest (greatest?) time-travelling epic. Xbox 360 version tested.
Brotherhood: at last, an Assassin’s Creed game for assassins
October 8, 2010: How many assassins does it take to change a formula? We find out in the PS3 multiplayer beta.
Dead Rising 2 hands-on: One hell of a mess
August 25, 2010: Going to Vegas? Watch out for the splatter. Capcom's slavering, rotten hulk of B-movie entertainment staggers onto the final stretch. Xbox 360 version tested.
Why hard doesn’t equal fun – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
August 19, 2010: Nintendo's bloated omnivorous adventurer is back, and he's even easier on the eyes (and thumbs).
Halo: Reach – the only shooter you’ll need till the next generation
August 6, 2010: Bungie's last Halo project is one of the most content-rich games ever created. Hands-on thoughts with Firefight plus a quick look at the single player campaign.
The next-best thing about 3DS? Turning the 3D off
July 28, 2010: Edwin goes hands-on with Nintendo's handsome new console, finding much to praise and a little (just a little) to criticise.
Live Report: James Bond: Bloodstone – First Impressions
July 16, 2010: We get a first look at the all-new Bond experience from Bizarre Creations and Activision, featuring the vocal talents and cheekbones of star singer Joss Stone.


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